Case Study: Business Law


Vince Weng, the owner of several businesses, had the vision to grow his enterprise to include a group of nightclubs, cafes, restaurants and karaoke bars in Melbourne.
He had previously worked with another Business Law firm, but chose to team with Riverson Lawyers because of their conscientiousness, professionalism and strong communication.


As an experienced businessman, Vince needed to ensure his new business purchases complied with Council Regulations and that he could get his liquor licence approved without delays. In addition, he wanted confidence that the leases for his chosen properties were prepared accurately.
Vince wanted a law firm he could trust to attend to all his business matters.


Vince engaged Riverson Lawyers and their specialised services related to Business Law. Their work includes conducting due diligence, preparing contracts, and negotiating, exchanging and settling for new business purchases.
In addition, Riverson Lawyers provided Vince with expert legal advice on tenant lease arrangements and company structure, and assisted him in procuring his liquor license.
Riverson Lawyers has become Vince’s trusted legal partners who can be relied on to provide hands-on support and individually tailored legal services for all his business law matters.


Since engaging Riverson Lawyers, Vince has purchased several cafes, nightclubs and bars. He is in the process of purchasing a karaoke bar and a Chinese restaurant, with Riverson Lawyers undertaking the due diligence, contract preparation and meticulous research.
Riverson Lawyers has been entrusted to provide legal services for all his business and leasing needs.
Vince appreciates the personalised attention that Riverson Lawyers offers him, combined with their highly efficient and professional services. This is why he continues to be a valued client and is currently looking for new business opportunities with the assistance of Riverson Lawyers.
Vince says that Riverson Lawyers’ reliability, excellent communication and personalised advice has given him the confidence and trust to work with the firm on all his current and future Business Law matters.

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