Case Study: Eunoia Education


Mr Jiang, an experienced businessman in Property Development, Migration Agency and Real Estate, wanted to extend his enterprises to include a Child Care Business.
The established business owner was in the process of investigating property options that could potentially serve as a future Child Care Centre.


When Mr Jiang had previously sought the services of other lawyers, he was frustrated with the lack of resourcefulness, efficiency and tailored solutions.
He understood that the challenge of expanding into a new industry was being able to pre-empt and solve any foreseeable risks without exposure.


The solution was to enlist Riverson Lawyers to manage the legal issues related to all of the businesses. This included researching each company and industry in detail, and providing specific practical legal solutions.
Furthermore, Riverson Lawyers researched the inherent risks of the new business and supplied pertinent individually-tailored advice.
Riverson Lawyers provided prompt responses, a solution-orientated approach and high ethical standards of work.


After being engaged by Mr Jiang, the first project for Riverson Lawyers was the drafting of leasing contracts for the Child Care property. The contracts were customised to suit the precise nature of the agreements. Riverson Lawyers identified all the risks that could occur with the new business and provided a range of suitable solutions to ensure the business goals would be achieved.
Riverson Lawyers is committed to providing meticulous and ethical services for all their clients. During the preparation of a short-lease agreement on one property, Riverson Lawyers discovered that the landlord was an existing client. Riverson Lawyers immediately informed both parties and ceased the lease agreement in question. This provided peace of mind and assurance for all involved, affirming that Riverson Lawyers would always deliver reliable customer service.

Eunoia Education

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