Case Study: Only Capital Real Estate


Only Capital Real Estate provides high-quality one-stop property services and assists high net-worth clients, both companies and individuals, to achieve their real estate goals.

Their vision is to become a leading brand in the Australian real estate industry by providing their clients with a comprehensive set of real estate solutions and strong customer service.

The company, which was formed by the merging of Lenet Group and Shine International Real Estate, specialises in construction project management as well as property advisory services.


The Principal of the company wanted to ensure that all property contracts for vacant land, house and land packages, off-the-plan purchases, townhouses /apartment complex developments and single dwellings were always done efficiently, accurately and on time.

Although Only Capital Real Estate previously had a conveyancer, they wanted a specialised service that benefited their high net-worth clients – a company they could trust with all projects, especially the complicated cases.


The solution was to engage Riverson Lawyers as a business partner to undertake all conveyancing files and to provide tailored legal services for building contracts.

Riverson Lawyers has become the trusted partners of Only Capital Real Estate for everything related to real estate. They provide conveyancing services for all projects as well as legal assistance and advice for the construction work on all vacant land projects.

In fact, for the past four years, Only Capital Real Estate has referred 40 to 50 conveyancing files to Riverson Lawyers annually.


Since engaging Riverson Lawyers, Only Capital Real Estate has been rewarded with a solid partnership that benefits their clients.

Riverson Lawyers takes complex cases and makes them simple and understandable for everyone involved. If there is an emergency case, Only Capital Real Estate knows that Riverson Lawyers will work diligently to deliver an optimal outcome for the project because they understand the value of excellent customer service.

What is more, every project is completed with professionalism, dedication and efficiency.

And, because of the strong support and committed follow-ups provided by Riverson Lawyers, Only Capital Real Estate can confidently offer their clients the dependable customer service that they are known for.
Only Capital Real Estate has the assurance to continually grow their business because they know their valued clients will always be supported and prioritised.

Only Capital Real Estate

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